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Sell Merchandise at Checkout

Sell t-shirts, posters, buttons, and more at checkout. Sell specialty items that are only available with online ticket purchases, and let patrons know that you’ll have a merch table.

Increase Sales with Abandoned Cart Emails

Automated abandoned cart emails are sent to patrons if they leave WellAttended without purchasing tickets. You’ll also see these patrons as leads in your dashboard, so you can follow up and make the sale.

Track Sales with the Facebook Tracking Pixel

Use your Facebook tracking pixel to see how many people are visiting your site and know whether or not your ads are working. You can also measure your conversions and gain audience insights.

Increase Traffic with Social Media Sharing

After patrons purchase tickets, they can easily share your event on social media. The message is prewritten with a link to your event.

Weekly Promotional Emails

Weekly emails are sent to select markets to help you promote your shows and sell more tickets. These emails are sent to patrons who have already purchased tickets to other shows through WellAttended.

Selling tickets is simple with WellAttended

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