Freya West is an international award-winning

burlesque performer and teacher. She’s

taught more than 500 women the

power of the shimmy.

Delinquent Debutantes is a small team of dedicated women who believe that all bodies deserve love and movement. After a Music City Burlesque show in 2010, where once again, women kept asking, “how can I be part of this?”, Freya hatched a plan to offer dedicated classes in the art of burlesque, and more importantly, in the art of self love and discovery.

Four years later, after slowly growing from a living room to renting studio space, the Debs were ready to find their own home. A hugely successful Kickstarter funded the flooring, furnishings and startup. The Delinquent Debutantes Studio came to life in October 2014, and they’ve been making magic there, and at workshops around the country, ever since.

Delinquent Debutantes provides classes in body positive movement for all shapes, sizes and abilities. The studio is a totally safe space to explore your sensual side, reconnect with your body, and learn some killer dance moves while you’re at it!

“Who would have thought that stripping to Elvis’s “Blue Christmas” would be more powerful than all my therapy sessions and Xanax prescriptions combined? Not me, but it happened.”

– The Huffington Post

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Freya West

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Episode 22:
How Teaching Your Art Can Increase Your Revenue

Freya discusses why classes are a good business model in conjunction with shows. She talks about why she started offering burlesque classes, why she teaches classes 5 days a week, how she prices her classes and shows, and she explains the first steps in creating classes for your patrons.

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