Event Pages

Easily sell tickets to your events with our cloud based box office

Online Sales

Share your event on your website and social media to sell tickets.

Credit Cards

Accept all major credit cards with no additional fees.

Customizable Pages

Add event details and images to make an awesome looking event.

Cart Upsell

Make more money at checkout. Take donations or sell products.

Season Tickets

Create packages so customers can purchase tickets to multiple shows.

Instant Payments

Receive money as soon as tickets are sold with Stripe.

Reserved Seating

Use a seating chart so buyers can select their seats. We build it for you!

Survey Questions

Understand your audience with custom questions for buyers to answer at checkout.

Mobile Tickets and Sales

Customers can buy and view tickets on their mobile phones.

Multiple Event Shopping

Patrons can buy tickets to any of your events at the same time.

Discount Codes

Use discount codes as a thank you or to help increase your sales.

Event Calendar

An easy to read calendar displays all of your event dates and times.

Admin Dashboard

Manage your events with a few simple clicks.

Real Time Attendee Lists

Always know your attendees by watching your list update in real time.

Online Check-In

Check-in attendees online as they arrive at your event.

Detailed Reports

See who is buying and get a summary of how much money you are making.

Change Ticket Holders

Change the names and contact information that are associated with tickets.


Easily refund your customers with a click of a button. Completely free.

Seller Checkout

Take orders by phone or at the door before and during your event.

Replicate Events

Have a reoccurring event? Add a new date/time and ticket type and start selling!

Multiple Ticket Types

Create multiple ticket types which can be changed at any time.

Cash and Check

There are no fees when you mark orders as paid with cash or check.

Comp Tickets

Comp tickets in your seller checkout which are added to your attendee lists.

Reassign Tickets

If you have multiple events, you can change the shows that patrons are attending.

Dedicated Support

You can call us directly, send us a message, or tweet us at @WellAttended.

Custom Emails

Customize confirmation emails to give last minute details.

Marketing Tools

Built in tools to help you increase revenue.

Abandoned Carts

Automated reminder emails to people who leave tickets in their carts.

Targeted Emails

We send customized emails to help promote your events.

Facebook Tracking Pixel

Track when people visit your site from Facebook ads.


Sell ad space that will be placed at the bottom of every completed order.

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