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Magician and Founder of WellAttended

William Rader is a magician and the founder of WellAttended. He's helped clients sell more than 2 million dollars in tickets. His goal is to simplify the box office experience and help you make more money.

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We enjoy talking with event producers. If you'd like to chat, give us a call at 405.928.1987. If we don't pick up for some reason, please leave us a message. We are happy to answer your questions and chat about marketing.

Our Clients Love Us!

“I like that we can refund customers ourselves with just a click of a button. We had to cancel a show and it was super easy. I highly recommend WellAttended.”

Ann-Lisette Caveny, OKC ImprovPreviously used Brown Paper Tickets

“I’ve explored different ticketing platforms and WellAttended is the easiest to use. They also share our shows in email blasts which expands our outreach!”

Jennie Hurrieta, Su TeatroPreviously used Eventbrite

“There's a lot to coordinate when putting on a show, but one thing I don't have to worry about are ticket sales. WellAttended provides the support, communication, and easy user interface I need to sell out shows.”

Gidget Bardot, BrewlesquePreviously used Brown Paper Tickets

“I'm very happy with WellAttended! The one-on-one support made the initial set up quick and painless, and the user-friendly interface makes for a stress-free experience for both audience members and producers.”

Mel Hyde, The Brass MenageriePreviously used Brown Paper Tickets

“It’s nice to have a ticketing site where people can purchase tickets any time of day or night. I highly recommend WellAttended!”

Joe and Carol Givan, Theatre of DreamsPreviously used Excel Spreadsheets

“I love that I get paid immediately after tickets are sold and that I can quickly see the attendance for shows. The software is also very easy to use.”

Bill Gladwell, MentalistPreviously used Vendini

“WellAttended has really helped move Sleightly Impossible forward. It’s easy to use and looks professional.”

Matt Brandt, Sleightly Impossible Previously used PayPal

“Ticketing has always been a strategic nightmare for us and WellAttended has taken that off our hands. Thank you!”

Hui Cha Poos, Race Dance CompanyPreviously used Eventbrite

“I love working with WellAttended. It's super easy to use and is built from an event producer's perspective. It has all the tools I need and nothing that I don't.”

Freya West, Delinquent DebutantesPreviously used Eventbrite

“WellAttended is easy to use and I was pleased that they helped me promote my show. I recommend WellAttended for theatre producers.”

Gregg Tobo, A Mathematician at PlayPreviously used PayPal

“WellAttended is very user friendly, they have phenomenal customer service, and they have innovative and useful marketing programs that have been of great value. ”

Mike Broemmel, Theatrix USAPreviously used TicketLeap

“WellAttended is super easy for me and my customers to use. It also allows me to track marketing and connect directly with my audience.”

Joe Diamond, Close EncountersPreviously used Eventbrite

“WellAttended has been a great asset to help us sell tickets online and they have improved our ability to increase attendance especially with out-of-towners.”

Kayt Peck, NAT Gold PlayersPreviously took cash at the door

“Our banquet was successful largely due to the ease of online ticket sales through WellAttended. You should give them a try.”

Scott Wells, Houston Magic ClubPreviously used Brown Paper Tickets

“I love the attention they gave in making sure my event was setup so I could focus on getting people to come to my show. I recommend WellAttended to manage your box office. ”

Marcus Eddie, M.A.G.I.C.Previously used Brown Paper Tickets

“I love using WellAttended to promote all types of shows. It's by far the most professional looking and it's incredibly easy to use for both myself and my audience members.”

Ben Zabin, Sleight SquadPreviously used Eventbrite

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